The Winter Warmer Box

R 299.99

The perfect combination of ingredients for delicious meals this week. Our Winter Warmer box consists of:

A pack of 3 Croissants from Coimbra Bakery

Ciabatta Loaf, 600g from Coimbra Bakery

6 Large Eggs

Fresh Cream, 250ml from Oaklands

2 Litre Full Cream Oaklands Milk

Cheddar Cheese, 300g

Farm Butter, 500g

Soup Mix, 500g 

Mix Roast Vegetables, 400g 

Diced Butternut, 500g 

Broccoli and Cauliflower Florets, 300g 

Spinach, Washed and Cleaned 300g

Punnets of Mushrooms, 250g