Potstickers - Kung Fu Chicken

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Potstickers - Kung Fu Chicken

12 per pack

Sourced from Happy Wok Dim Sum


Suggested Cooking Methods:

POT STICKERS (  Half  Moon shaped Dumplings)

1) Do not thaw  from frozen state.
2) Heat your pan ( preferably a non-stick pan ) so it's nice and dry.
3) After the pan is  hot, add about one to two Tablespoons of cooking oil, or butter and then put in your pot stickers, flat-side down, in a single layer, being sure to get oil on the bottom side of each  pot sticker.
4) The pan stays over high heat for the entire cooking process, but you can turn it down a bit while loading the pot-stickers to reduce the amount of splattering. Especially watch for splattering if your pot stickers have ice crystals. Brown the bottoms.
5) Now add enough water to cover the pot stickers about 1/2 of their height.
6) Cover the pan and allow to cook for 8-10 minutes. (This includes time for the water to come to a boil. You're looking for that typical 7 to 10 minute pasta boiling time. In smaller pans, it takes less time for the water to come to a boil, and you'll be at the 10 minute total time.) Vegetable Potstickers take about 7 minutes. The meat ones normally take 8-10 minutes)
7) This is about 3 minutes after the remnants of water have boiled off. (The "Desired degree of brownness" can vary quite a bit, from hardly brown at all to nearly burnt. You'll have to decide how you like them for yourself.)
8) Recrisp the bottoms
9) Remove from pan using a pan-safe spatula
10) Serve with dipping sauce and add chilli sauce if you want a tang.

Alternatively, you can steam them for 10 minutes and then crisp the bottoms with a little oil in a non-stick pan