Farm House Box

R 399.95

The Farm House Box is a combination of fresh fruits and vegetable, dairy and baked goods as well as some pre-cut veg for your convenience.

The Farm House Box consist of :

Croissants pack of 3

Tray of  eggs 

2 Litre Milk

250ml fresh cream

Cheddar cheese

Apple yellow 500g

Avocado 2 Each

Banana 500g

Pears 500g

Pineapple 1 each

Butternut diced 500g

Cauli broc 300g

Roast 400g

Mushroom whole  250g

Stirfry 300g

Baby marrow rounds 300g

Cucumber 1 each

Mixed lettuce 200g bag

Peppers Mixed: 1 Green, 1 Red and 1 Yellow

Potato 3kg

Onion 2kg

Tomato punnet 

Garlic bulb