BBQ Beef & Sesame Bao Buns

R 149.99

6  x BBQ Beef & Sesame Boa Buns

Hungry Husband

Portion size: 6 Pieces

Cooking Instructions: Put a piece of grease-proof paper underneath the buns so they do not stick. Steam from frozen for 15 minutes in a bamboo steamer until light and fluffy. Also suitable for baking, pan frying and various multi cookers. Cooking time may vary depending on cooking methods.

Storage: Keep frozen -15°C . Do not defrost. Cook from frozen.

Ingredients: Bun ( Cake flour, Yeast, White Sugar, Water, Sesame Seeds) BBQ Beef Filling ( Beef Gochujang paste, Brown Sugar, Honey, Soya Sauce, Onion, Garlic, Rice Vinegar, Black Pepper, Salt)

Allergens: Gluten, nuts, soy, wheat., Sesame