COVID-19 Protocol

COVID-19 also known as the “Corona Virus” has been classified as a pandemic in our country.

As your trusted online shop, we want to inform you of our standard protocol and additional measures we are implementing to ensure we minimise the risk of the virus spreading.

Uniform and protective clothing:

Our kitchen staff responsible for the processing of produce wears the following protective gear:

  • Face Masks ( certified for in and out breathing)
  • Sleeves
  • Surgical Coloured Gloves
  • Safety boots
  • Overalls
  • Aprons
  • Mobcaps/hairnets

Our packing staff who collate and pack customer orders:

  • Face Masks
  • Surgical Coloured Gloves
  • Safety boots
  • Overalls
  • Mobcaps

Our drivers who load and deliver:

  • Face Masks
  • Safety boots
  • Overalls
  • Mobcaps

Office Staff:

  • Face Mask
  • Mobcaps

Washing and sanitising process:

Staff washes and then sanitise their hands at the following intervals:

  • On entering the facility at the commencement of the shift
  • Every 30 minutes intervals
  • Between food handling operations i.e. between handling unwashed vegetables and prepared vegetables
  • After handling cleaning chemicals and equipment
  • After eating or drinking
  • After making use of the toilet
  • After handling refuse
  • After handling money
  • When changing disposable gloves
  • After touching any equipment
  • Whenever anyone re-enters the perimeter of our facility

Hand-washing procedure

  1. Wet hands and exposed arm areas (up to the elbow) with clean hot water
  2. Apply anti-bacterial soap to the hands and arms
  3. Wash thoroughly between the fingers for at least 20 seconds
  4. Clean the nails by concentrating around & under the nails
  5. Rinse thoroughly under clean running water
  6. Dry hands with paper towel
  7. Use paper towels to close taps and discard into bin provided
  8. Apply sanitiser to hands and rub lightly

Product dipping process:

All raw product will be dipped in solution prior to being cut 

Delivery protocol:

All drivers are to sanitise their hands in the vehicle prior to leaving the vehicle and again upon entering the vehicles.

All chemicals used in our facility are SABS food grade certified.

External practices:

Staff training has been done and will continue on the environmental and external risks they face and how their own off site activities could pose risks. Close contact, handshakes, using sanitisers (which we have supplied all for their own use) are examples of some of the aspects covered.

Most importantly we have explained the symptoms of the virus, those tell-tale signs that will necessitate self-quarantine, absence from work and the need for testing.