Karoo Free Range Whole Lamb - Braai (Pre-Order)

R 2,750.00

Dellville Karoo Free Range Whole Lamb - Braai (Pre-Order)

Waiting time is 36 hrs from ordering so if you are ordering anything else and your delivery date is less than 36 hours from ordering you will not receive it with that order. We will call you to arrange delivery.


Whole Karoo lambs are the smart choice for families who love to entertain and eat healthy. 

Our lambs that carry the Karoo Meat of Origin certification mark guarantees that:

- the lamb was produced to strict production standards

- originates from a strictly specified Karoo region. The boundaries of the production region were determined based on the natural occurrence of the indigenous shrubs that give Karoo meat its distinctive flavour

Includes cleaning, packing and labelling your lamb.

Avg Weight: +/- 14 to 17kg

The weight indicated is only an estimate of the average weight per lamb. Due to the nature of the product, we cannot guarantee that the weight of each animal is the same and the actual weight may vary.

Images are just for illustration purposes. The actual product may vary.